We are all stakeholders in keeping the heart and soul of our community alive and well.  Challenges on our streets and in our neighbourhoods are on the rise, asking us to get more involved as we get to know our neighbours better. We are fascinated by the good work that is being done by individuals and organizations in the 20 plus neighbourhoods that make up Vancouver. With Impact, we want to learn more about what they do and give them a voice on air and online! We will connect with not for profit organizations, universities various individuals and groups for an inside look at the essential work that they are doing in our community. 

Impact - BC lung Foundation (Sept 7, 2016)

Impact - Zen Centre of Vancouver (Sept 7, 2016)

Impact - Paralympics (Sept 2, 2016)

Impact - Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (Sept 1, 2016)


Imagine what it would be like to be guided through time by centuries of great thinkers unravelling the history around them of the complexities of old and new worlds and perhaps in many ways, ourselves.
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