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It’s hard to capture the experience of what it’s like to speak with so many different people every day in my job as a radio host at Roundhouse. I talk to at least four people from ten to twelve every morning. That means, roughly, that I’ve interviewed almost a thousand people since I started last year.


It’s been a gift, to be sure: and this week, more than ever, I realized yet again what a privilege it is sit down and share a cup of coffee with some of the great minds and thinkers in this city.


Why did I feel more strongly about this opportunity this week in particular?


Maybe because I’ve been welcoming in some of the speakers who will be on stage at Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon on Jan 18th.


Some of you will, of course, know Sam – he’s our former mayor, and when you sit down with him, you realize quickly that his mind is, to quote novelist Ann Michaels, “like a palace.” The man has an uncanny ability to dance from one idea to another, seamlessly – and he brings this talent to the space of the theatre, imitating what he did at dinner tables in the past.

Sam and his equally talented wife, Lynn Zanatta, used to host dinner parties with a wide range of eclectic guests. All they’ve done now is change the venue – they welcome more people to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre twice a year, inviting some of our most unique and provocative thinkers to speak for a mere 7 minutes each that evening – no chance you’ll get bored!


I invited some of these provocative thinkers in this week, to give us a sneak peek into what we might hear. And I was bowled over by their response. I heard Rick Hulbert explain his thought process in planning False Creek. I heard Emilia Symington-Fedy tell us why the truth, even when it’s bald-faced ugly, is in fact, at its most sublime. And Joe Dahmen told us how we can build buildings from – really? – mushrooms?


This city has so much to offer, and our fellow residents have so much to share. I hope to see you at the Salons on the 18th of this month – this is one event you don’t want to miss. See you soon!  And as always, thanks for listening.



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